Whether for energy generation, storage or transmission of both conventional and regenerative energy sources, Mannesmann steel line pipes are ideal for use in the energy sector in terms of safety, reliability and durability.

As leading suppliers of seamless and welded steel pipes, the companies of the Mannesmann business unit are actively shaping the future of energy supply.

Seamless stainless steel tubes

Mannesmann Stainless Tubes ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of seamless stainless steel and nickel-base tubes. The company has one of the biggest product portfolios in this sector. The production processes satisfy all the exacting requirements placed on the products by customers in the energy industry.

Mannesmann Stainless Tubes offers intelligent and customized solutions for the demanding energy sector.

Applications include conventional power plants, nuclear power plants, solar energy, CERN and ITER.

Seamless and welded precision steel tubes

As a leading European manufacturer of high-quality cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes, Mannesmann Precision Tubes offers a wide range of products and exceptional consulting, sales, and service performance to the energy sector. The tubes can be supplied straight or bent and, on customer request, can also be provided with a suitable coating or insulation.

Their applications include oil refineries and gas condensers, power plants, high-pressure boiler plants, and boiler and apparatus engineering. They can also be found in solar thermal power plants, in hydraulic components of wind turbines or in heat transport systems for geothermal energy.

HFI-welded steel pipes

Mannesmann Line Pipe is a leading specialist in HFI-welded line pipe and a globally active and reliable partner to the energy industry, whether for transporting district heating energy over long distances or for transporting media at elevated temperatures or high pressures.

The safe transport and storage of hydrogen in particular will play a central role in the increasingly regenerative energy mix of the future. The product Mannesmann H2ready has been developed and qualified specifically for this purpose.

Steel line pipe from Mannesmann Line Pipe meets the toughest requirements of national and international codes and standards.

Spiral-weld large-diameter pipes

Natural gas storage makes a significant contribution to a secure energy supply. Mannesmann Grossrohr GmbH's experience in the gas sector also extends to the production of suitable large-diameter pipes capable of withstanding the enormous pressures in storage systems. In recent years, the company has been successfully involved in the installation of several storage systems.

The range also includes highly heat-resistant pipes for transporting district heat and hydrogen and large-diameter drill pipes for tapping underground energy deposits.

Mannesmann large-diameter pipes meet the toughest requirements of national and international codes and standards.