Mannesmann steel pipes for
the water and wastewater industry

One of the essential prerequisites for the prosperity of our society is access to energy and water, wherever they are needed. Mannesmann was supplying steel line pipe, both seamless and welded, to the water industry worldwide more than 130 years ago. Many installations from that time are still in successful operation today.

Thanks to its many years of experience, above all worldwide, Mannesmann steel line pipe is an assurance of optimum safety and economy in pipeline construction.

HFI-welded steel pipes

With Mannesmann Line Pipe, you can realize any water pipeline project cost-effectively and on schedule. The variety of steel grades, pipe lengths and wall thicknesses, a variety of coatings and linings, and above all a broad range of joining techniques help to optimize each product for the specific application.

Steel line pipe from Mannesmann Line Pipe meets the toughest requirements of national and international codes and standards.

Longitudinal-weld large diameter pipes

EUROPIPE is a technology leader in many fields of application, including the water and wastewater industry. Its aspiration is to provide the optimum solution for every task. EUROPIPE is a large-diameter pipe manufacturer that operates with consistently high standards of technology and quality worldwide.

To protect the steel pipes against physical damage and corrosion, EUROPIPE provides various corrosion protection methods.