Mannesmann steel tubes for
the construction industry

Steel tubes are aesthetic and load-bearing structural elements, e.g. in bridges, buildings, halls, stadiums, offshore platforms, jacket structures and wind turbines, to name but a few applications. With steel tubes, many structures can be simplified considerably and executed cost-effectively.

In some cases, it is only by using steel tubes that projects can be planned and implemented at all. Among other things, steel tubes also permit lightweight construction coupled with high strength.

Mannesmann steel tubes are used in various forms and for a wide range of applications.

HFI-welded steel pipes

Mannesmann Line Pipe is a leading specialist in HFI-welded line pipe and MSH sections and a globally active and reliable partner to the construction industry. As a versatile structural element, the steel tube takes on an important role here, which it owes above all to its high strength combined with low dead weight. The advantages of MSH sections are their high section modulus and good torsional and bending strength.

HFI-welded steel tubes and MSH sections are used as versatile structural elements in compliance with domestic and foreign standards and customer specifications in a wide variety of applications, e.g. in steel construction and structural steel engineering, in machine manufacture and plant engineering, in foundation structures for the offshore wind industry, and many other applications.

Spiral-weld large-diameter pipes

Mannesmann Grossrohr has been supplying globally reputed customers from various industries for over 55 years. Customers appreciate the quality, reliability and punctual delivery.

Spiral-weld large-diameter pipes are used in numerous fields of application, including the renewable energy sector. Mannesmann Grossrohr's structural pipes are used here for the construction of offshore wind jackets and onshore wind turbines.

Longitudinal-weld large-diameter pipes

EUROPIPE is a technology leader in many application areas, including special products. Its aspiration is to find optimum solutions for every task, e.g. for structural tubes in the wind industry.

EUROPIPE and its industrial partners have developed Vario Base® Jackets, an innovative approach to the structural design of sophisticated offshore wind turbines with outputs of 5 MW. These are 100 and 150 meters tall and have rotor blade spans of 60-70 meters. The overall system successfully withstands the constant stressing due to the wind, waves and rotor action. EUROPIPE contributes to the manufacture of the Vario Base® Jackets by supplying standardized tubes to the tightest tolerances.