Mannesmann steel pipes for
boiler and apparatus engineering

High or even low temperatures in the transport of media in power plant construction and the chemical and petrochemical industries put steel pipes to a severe test.

Mannesmann steel pipes have been proving their worth here, too, for decades. The pipes are always tested to the latest technical standards and meet the tough requirements of domestic and foreign standards.

HFI-welded steel pipes

Mannesmann Line Pipe is a leading specialist in HFI-welded line pipe and a globally active and reliable partner to the chemical and petrochemical industry.

With state-of-the-art production techniques and comprehensive service, Mannesmann Line Pipe satisfies individual customer wishes as well as its customers' safety, environmental and project requirements.

Steel pipes from Mannesmann Line Pipe are used, among other things, for the transport of media at elevated temperatures, and particularly for hot steam lines in power plant construction, and in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

In addition, the steel pipes are also suitable for applications involving temperatures down to minus 50°C, e.g. for pipelines used in methanol plants or exposed to climatically testing environments.

Seamless and welded precision steel tubes

As a leading European manufacturer of high-quality cold-drawn seamless and welded precision steel tubes, Mannesmann Precision Tubes offers a wide range of products and exceptional consulting, sales, and service performance to boiler and apparatus engineering.

Precision steel tubes are used in the construction of heat exchangers, equipment of oil refineries, gas condensers and other industrial equipment. The tubes can be supplied straight or bent.